At Old Hollows you can choose to work on any of the following subjects:


2D Master copies 



Master Copies are the perfect exercise for artists of all levels of expertise. 

These assignments help the student get a better understanding of values, form, light effect, proportions, etc. It also helps us understand a little bit more about the master's process. 

  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

  • Mediums: Graphite, charcoal or Oil paint.



3D drawing/Painting from life


Usually recommended for students with previous drawing experience, 3D projects are the perfect choice for learning how to draw and paint from life. Continuing to reinforce subjects such as value relationship and proportions, working from 3 dimensional objects also teaches the artist about composition, shape design, etc. 

  • Intermediate and Advanced

  • Mediums: Charcoal or Oil paint.

  • Subjects: Cast Drawing/Painting, Still Life Painting.




Figure Studies and portraiture from Life

Mediums: graphite, Charcoal or Oil paint. 

Your training at Old Hollows aims to be a unique and personal experience. The goal is, while working hard on perfecting our skills of observation and execution, to allow the artist to add a personal touch to their learning journey, being part of the decision making every step of the way. 

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